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Volume: 9 Issue: 1
Published: 2022-01-13


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The main goal of JACODESMATH is to present the most recent research in Algebra both pure and applied. Further related topics such as Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Cryptography, Coding, Graph Theory, etc.

JACODESMATH aims to provide a free medium to the research community on both  quality and time.

This journal is an online journal and free of charge to all parties. The papers can be accessed freely.


Citations in the google scholar for the papers published in JACODESMATH.

Papers: 127 Citations: 323;  Cites/paper (Impact Factor): 2.54  (calculated by google scholar , as of June, 2021)

JACODESMATH  is  indexed by Scopus (Elsevier).


 JACODESMATH publishes three issues per year: January (Issue 1)/May (Issue 2)/September (Issue 3).
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