Determining Sidon polynomials on Sidon set over $\mathbb{F}_q \times \mathbb{F}_q $

  • Muhammad Afifurrahman
  • Aleams Barra Institut Teknologi Bandung
Keywords: Sidon sets, planar polynomial, finite fields


Let $p$ be a prime, and $q=p^n$ be a prime power. In his works on Sidon sets over $\mathbb{F}_q \times \mathbb{F}_q$, Cilleruelo conjectured about polynomials that could generate $q$-element Sidon sets over $\mathbb{F}_q\times \mathbb{F}_q$.

Here, we derive some criteria for determining polynomials that could generate $q$-element Sidon set over $\mathbb{F}_q\times \mathbb{F}_q$. Using these criteria, we prove that certain classes of monomials and cubic polynomials over $\mathbb{F}_p$ cannot be used to generate $p$-element Sidon set over $\mathbb{F}_p\times \mathbb{F}_p$. We also discover a connection between the needed polynomials and planar polynomials.