Editor’s note

  • André Leroy


This special issue contains papers written by participants to the conference "Noncommutative rings and their Applications" that was held in Lens (France) at the Science faculty of the Universit\'e d'Artois. The meeting gave the experts from different domains the opportunity to exchange their views, share their research, and learn from one another new results and problems in a friendly atmosphere. They were 55 researchers, graduate and postdoctoral students from USA, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Senegal, New Zeland, South Africa, Algeria, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia...and France! The interplay between ring and coding theory was emphasized by the very nice and interesting course "Linear codes from the axiomatic point of view" given by Jay Wood. The four invited speakers: Fr\'ed\'erique Oggier, Christophe Reutenauer, Angel del Rio and Irfan Siap contributed greatly to the success of this conference. The topics of the Jay Wood's course and the 39 talks presented at the conference are well represented by this special issue of Jacodesmath. They cover pure ring theory such as nil *-clean rings, radical classes or algebras such as Grassman algebras and Steenrod algebras and many papers relating these subjects with coding theory such as MacWilliams extension theorem, dual codes, Lee and Hamming weight. So this volume will be particularly useful for mathematicians at the confluent of these two branches. This meeting was supported by the Laboratoire de Math\'ematiques de Lens (LML), by different bodies from the Universit\'e d'Artois (RI, BQR), as well as by a regional organization (the Fédération des Laboratoires de Math´ematiques du Nord pas de Calais). We would like to thank all the participants for their efforts and enthusiasm. A very warm thanks to the colleagues who kindly agreed to referee the papers. Their expertise, promptitude, and professionalism improved the quality of the articles in this volume. Many thanks are due to the editorial staff of the Jacodesmath journal for the very efficient way they managed the process of preparing and publishing these proceedings.