Code–checkable group rings

  • Noha Abdelghany
  • Nefertiti Megahed
Keywords: Group rings, Pseudo-morphic rings, A-by-B groups, Checkable codes, Pseudo-morphic group rings


A code over a group ring is defined to be a submodule of that group ring. For a code $C$ over a group ring $RG$, $C$ is said to be checkable if there is $v\in RG$ such that {$C=\{x\in RG: xv=0\}$}. In \cite{r2}, Jitman et al. introduced the notion of code-checkable group ring. We say that a group ring $RG$ is code-checkable if every ideal in $RG$ is a checkable code. In their paper, Jitman et al. gave a necessary and sufficient condition for the group ring $\mathbb{F}G$, when $\mathbb{F}$ is a finite field and $G$ is a finite abelian group, to be code-checkable. In this paper, we give some characterizations for code-checkable group rings for more general alphabet. For instance, a finite commutative group ring $RG$, with $R$ is semisimple, is code-checkable if and only if $G$ is $\pi'$-by-cyclic $\pi$; where $\pi$ is the set of noninvertible primes in $R$. Also, under suitable conditions, $RG$ turns out to be code-checkable if and only if it is pseudo-morphic.


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