Strongly nil *-clean rings

  • Abdullah Harmancı
  • Huanyin Chen
  • A. Çiğdem Özcan
Keywords: Rings with involution, Strongly nil ∗-clean ring, ∗-Boolean ring, Boolean ring


A $*$-ring $R$ is called {\em strongly nil $*$-clean} if every element of $R$ is the sum of a projection and a nilpotent element that commute with each other. In this paper we investigate some properties of strongly nil $*$-rings and prove that $R$ is a strongly nil $*$-clean ring if and only if every idempotent in $R$ is a projection, $R$ is periodic, and $R/J(R)$ is Boolean. We also prove that a $*$-ring $R$ is commutative, strongly nil $*$-clean and every primary ideal is maximal if and only if every element of $R$ is a projection.


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