For Reviewers

A note to the reviewer for the review process

Before accepting the review task:

If you have any conflict with one of the authors please kindly decline the inviation.

First we thank you for putting your valuable time to read this illustrative explanation regarding your task as a potential reviewer.

Before you take part as a reviewer please first make sure that the paper falls within you expertise area and you are able to evaluate the scientific work. Also make sure that you have the necessary time to accomplish this  task since the time is very important to all participants (reviewer, author, editors, journal.) If you do not have the time please suggest potential reviewers for the paper.

If you have any relations with the author such as currently working on some projects or papers please then let the editor know and kindly do not evaluate the paper.

After Accepting the review task:

As you accept the review and have access to the paper and related documents please remember that these documents are confidential and they are not to be shared with other people unless you have a permission from the editor.

Your review report will help the editor to make his/her final decision whether to accept or not. So, please give a reasonable time to discuss/check the results and accordingly write your report with care. Your report should mention the strong and the weak parts and also compare the results with the ones in literature. The final decision must be clear and understandable to the editor and to the author(s). Also please refer to the journal standards when you make your final decision. The results in the paper must be new and clear and they should contribute to the literature.

If you suspect plagiarism, fraud or have other ethical concerns, please contact the editor and envoy your message with the detailed information that supports your claim. The journal have a very sensitive approach to such acts, so any such doubt should be pointed out immediately.


In the case of a revision request, the reviewers are excepted unless they have excuses to re evaluate the revised paper in timely fashion.

Currently JACOODESMATH is indexed by MathSciNet, ZBath and respected databases. Please consider the standard of the journal as well where you make your recommandation.


After the sufficient number of reports received by the reviewers the editor accordingly and also by his/her own evaluation makes the final decision regarding the paper.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the reviewers of JACODESMATH.