On the generation of alpha graphs

  • Christian Barrientos
Keywords: {$\alpha$}-labeling, Graceful graph, Amalgamation, Duplication, Replication


Graceful labelings constitute one of the classical subjects in the area of graph labelings; among them, the most restrictive type are those called {$\alpha$}-labelings. In this work, we explore new techniques to generate {$\alpha$}-labeled graphs, such as vertex and edge duplications, replications of the entire graph, and $k$-vertex amalgamations. We prove that for some families of graphs, it is possible to duplicate several vertices or edges. Using $k$-vertex amalgamations we obtain an {$\alpha$}-labeling of a graph that can be decomposed into multiple copies of a given {$\alpha$}-labeled graph as well as a robust family of irregular grids that can {$\alpha$}-labeled.


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